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I would kiss a real-life skeleton.


If you'd like to hire me as a freelance writer or as an actor or just gab about your childhood crush, shoot me a message!


Here’s why:

  • There’s so much history in a set of bones, and I love history. So much that I would want to kiss it. And if kissing history comes in the form of kissing a skeleton? Sign me up.

  • I’m an adrenaline junkie in the smallest of ways. I start crossing the street even when cars are coming. The thought of kissing a skeleton feels dangerous.

  • Yes, I understand that skeletons have no lips and I will mainly be kissing teeth, but who hasn’t had a kiss with too much teeth involved?


Here’s why it’s not weird:

  • There will be no romantic feelings involved.

Other than that...

I grew up in Alaska, and yes, I went to school with Sarah Palin's daughter. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah and my past times include walking my dog, making earrings out of miniature things, and never finishing any of my crochet projects.

I've been writing and acting ever since I was a kid. My very first story was written at 5 years old and it was about a dog that got a cold from eating an ice cube.

I love creating, performing, and most of all, making people feel something, especially laughter.

Some of my most notable feats have been beating an Olympic gold medalist at a game of foursquare, serenading Kevin Costner with the Utah state song, and being in a baby calendar (when I was a baby, if you were wondering).

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