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Live Studio Audience

I love a good card game. As do most of my closest friends. We also love TV. 

So we decided to combine those two loves and create our own original card game. Thus the beginning of Live Studio Audience.

It’s the game for TV Lovers and TV Haters alike! In Live Studio Audience, everyone comes up with their own TV show right on the spot! Make your friends laugh, cry, or gasp with completely original pitches. No two shows are ever the same!

Included in the Box
  • Tropes Deck
  • Plot Points Deck
  • Network Notes Deck
  • Emmy Tokens
  • Instructions
Why is this fun, you ask?
Players get to express their creativity by improvising wild story lines all while making each other laugh. The trope and plot points guarantee a strange show while the network notes add unpredictable twists.
If you like games like Superfight, Cards Against Humanity or JackBox, you’ll love Live Studio Audience.

Here's how to play...

Each round, all players will draw random cards from 3 decks: Troupes, Plot Points, and Network Notes. With these, they then have to create a completely original show and must incorporate the cards they have drawn. Each round, players vote for their favorite episode by awarding Emmys. At the end of the game, whoever has the most Emmys wins!


Just like how you watch TV shows, we know you like to change things up. Which is why we created 3 different ways to play!


  • In Showrunner play, everyone creates their own TV show based on what they draw from the Tropes and Plot Point deck. The first round involves everyone pitching a title, a main character, and their main plot. At the end of that round, everyone will give an Emmy to whichever show they found most entertaining.

  • In the second round, players will draw new tropes or plot points to incorporate into their already existing show. Each round, everyone continues the development of their show and everyone will vote on their favorite pitch of that round. Every now and then, they'll have to draw and incorporate a Network Note.



  • Writer’s Room play is similar to Showrunner play except once a favorite show pitch is chosen in the first round, everyone is pitching on that same show the whole game. Each round everyone will draw trope and plot points cards and will then have to pitch what the next episode will be about. After each round, everyone votes on their favorite episode for that round.



  • For Pitch Meeting, each round everyone is pitching a new show (not episode). Each round, one player acts as the judge while the other players draw 2 plot points and 3 tropes. Players then discard their least favorite plot point and trope. Going around the table, each player must draw a Network Note and then use their cards to pitch a title, cast, and show plot. The judge awards the Emmy to their favorite show, the winner of the Emmy then becomes the judge next round.

I really hope you didn't actually read all of that.

But how do you win?

By winning Emmys! No matter what way you play, everyone votes at the end of each round by giving their favorite episode/show an Emmy token. At the end, whoever has the most Emmy tokens wins!
Our team is currently play-testing this game with several groups and talking with game board manufacturers.
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